Our Approach

Our team is large enough to handle complex and large scale transactions for our clients whilst remaining of a size where we can retain a genuine interest and personal involvement with our clients’ business and financial affairs.

“There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey.” JOHN RUSKIN

Rather than being assigned to a varying team of lawyers and support staff, our clients maintain long term personal contact with individual professionals who will service their business, commercial and family needs over the years and not uncommonly through the generations. Whichever of our lawyers looks after you and your legal issues, he or she will take the time to get to know you and your preferred method of dealing and working as well as the broader circumstances of your family, finance and business.  Rather than looking at transactions in isolation, a long term professional adviser can deal from start to finish with all aspects of managing and delivering a holistic solution, flagging and advising upon new or unexpected factors as they may appear and anticipating a client’s requirements in that regard. Whether called upon to complete a major construction project, negotiating a web site development agreement or advising on the purchase of a new home, we ask our clients to allow us to become an integrated part of their business and financial affairs, building a long term relationship which can only pay dividends in peace of mind, convenience and money.

In our experience, our approach achieves better results for our clients and a more cost effective solution to their legal requirements. We offer a complete range of legal solutions to the business or individual client who is seeking reliable, friendly and commercially aware advice on a range of matters from an experienced solicitor able to devote the time necessary to get to know his client and understand the particular circumstances of the transaction and the client’s unique aims and goals. Many of our clients value being able to place their personal and business matters in the hands of someone they know and trust to protect their interests whilst they carry on with their own busy lives and business. For others, the value in their relationship with a traditional adviser lies in knowing that they can ask for that little extra re-assurance and explanation from someone willing to take the time to go over the details of their paperwork or implications of a transaction as many times and at whatever length they need in order to be comfortable. This may reflect in the headline cost figure but may repay the extra time cost many times over both by enabling us to advise upon cross related matters in a client’s family, business or tax affairs and by simply reducing the stress, worry and wasted time associated with dealing with lawyers.


For more than a century we have helped our clients through the most important moments of their lives and careers, whether it be the sale or purchase of their homes, the set up and development of their business, the investment and management of their wealth or preparing their wills and making provisions for their family.

Our commercial team advise on corporate and commercial contracts and arrangements, retail, manufacturing and office leasing, start up and commercial structuring for growing business. We provide specialist services including intellectual property advice, construction and planning for property development. And when things go wrong for our clients, our Dispute Resolution department is there to provide robust representation and pragmatic advice on cost effective solutions.


Woodroffes’ long standing private client department act for a number of high net worth individuals in Belgravia and beyond. We routinely deal with the transfer of quality residential properties, advise on disputes with schools and assist in the preparation of wills and the implementation of tax efficient procedures and structures designed by our client’s accountants and tax experts. This often involves setting up complex trusts, LLPs or corporate structures both in the UK and abroad in order to make tax efficient provision for future generations. Our family department is happy to offer friendly, down to earth and confidential advice which can often help to make things clearer and easier and solve problems before they have a chance to become insurmountable.