Offshore & Tax Efficiency

Woodroffes has considerable experience in advising wealthy individuals, whether resident (or domiciled) in the UK or abroad regarding the management of their assets. We regularly assist and advise regarding the structuring and implementation of tax efficiency and wealth management plans designed by accountants and tax experts in the relevant jurisdictions and maintain friendly and constructive working relations with professionals in most of the popular “off-shore” jurisdictions. Our Commercial Property team are very familiar with acting on behalf of companies incorporated in an array or jurisdictions whether structured such as to mitigate Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax in the UK or other home jurisdiction of the Investor or whether to maintain a flexibility for future disposal of a development

At the more complex end, we work extensively with off shore company administrators and foreign lawyers and are able to advise upon the detail of corporate acquisitions and the redomicile of companies between different off shore jurisdictions


“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.”